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Collision Repairs

Get a Quote from Our Truck and Car Body Shop in St. John’s (Mount Pearl)

S“Better,” “improved,” “okay” — these are impressions customers should never have when picking up their vehicle from our truck and car body shop in St. John’s. The collision repair experts at Janes Auto Body Clinic strive to make each and every collision repair look like the accident never even happened. 

Our collision repair services include:

In completing unibody work and full-frame alignments, we use a wedge-clamp chainless anchoring system. This system clamps directly to the frame of your car or truck’s undercarriage, allowing full access to the vehicle. Wedge-clamp systems not only produce higher precision in adjusting the frame on your vehicle, they also greatly reduce the set-up time; what used to be a half-day set-up procedure can now be accomplished in under an hour (in most instances). For all these reasons, wedge-clamp chainless anchoring systems are greatly preferred by customers and insurance companies alike.

“Awesome to Deal with”

“For some reason every body shop has horror stories. Just like any industry. When I damaged my brand new truck my biggest concern was to get it restored properly. My insurance companies preferred shops in St. John’s[, but they] have a terrible reputation. So when I asked around the name Janes kept coming at me. I have no regrets. Mark was awesome to deal with. And funny thing is even though Janes is not a “preferred shop”... they deal with them all the time. I would send anyone to Mark and his crew to get work done.”

- Topher F., via Facebook review

Call Us for a Quote on Collision Repair

You could take your vehicle to any truck and car body shop in St. John’s, or the surrounding areas, why not go with the best? We invite you to call or visit Janes Auto Body Clinic. We’re conveniently located just outside of St. John’s, in Mount Pearl!

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