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Environmental Efforts

Our Environmental Initiatives

Janes Auto Body Clinic is an auto body shop delivering superior collision, dent, scratch, bumper, and paint repairs to Mount Pearl and the Avalon Peninsula. While our work continuously earns high praise, it’s been brought to our attention that we don’t emphasize our environmental efforts enough. Some of these initiatives are beneficial in multiple ways, such as helping customers save money while also protecting the health of our employees and Newfoundland’s environment. 

Some of the environmental initiatives Janes Auto Body Clinic has employed include:

Waterborne paints PPG® waterborne paints are as effective as the more standard formulations, but contain significantly less VOCs (volatile organic compounds).

Recycled/reused cardboard We use recycled and/or repurposed cardboard whenever possible.

Low-VOC clear coats, primers, and activators We previously mentioned why we use PPG® waterborne paints. For these reasons, we’ve also chosen low-VOC clear coats, primers, and activators. VOCs harm the environment and pose a cancer risk to humans. Therefore, choosing low-VOC collision repair products is simply a “no-brainer.”

We recycle most metals If it can be recycled, it will be recycled. Studies show that recycling aluminum yields a 92% energy savings (56% for steel; 90% for copper) — the numbers speak for themselves.

Learn More 

Want to learn more about the environmental initiatives we’ve deployed in our shop? Have a great idea to make our services friendlier to the environment? Contact us today — we’d love to hear from you!

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